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A fun night of random craziness.

I went to Tommy's tonight after work and met up with Chad and Brenna. We played pool for a while which was fun. I actually played pretty well, although Brenna kicked both me and Chad's ass most of the time. She does that because she is hard core at the pool table like that. Afterwords, I met up with my older brother who drove out to the U-District to hang with me. We ended up going to Dante's and played some darts while drinking beer. Then, after that, we went to Western Co. and had donuts. While I was there, I reaffirmed the fact that Western Co is the coolest donut shop in the world because we watched the lady that was working there offer apples and hot coffee to Buddha. She put new incense him Buddha as well. Then we came home and watched South Park for a while. Many discussions took place between me and Mike and there was a couple topics that we had that I decided that I need to bring up with you, my lovely readers. So here we are, the various topics of discussion between me and Mike presented to you via lj poll form.

If a goth raver is called a graver, what is a goth hippy called?


Two of the most famous tv episodes ever referenced are the two episodes of happy days where the Fonz jumps over the bus and the Foz jumps over the sharks. Have you seen either of these two episodes?

I have seen the Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumps over the buses.
I have seen the Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumps over the sharks.
I have seen both episodes. Happy Days rules.
I haven't seen either episode.

If my parents went out of town for a week, do you think I could run a whore house out of my home like Tom Cruise did in Risky Business?

Hell yes, you da mad pimp with the ladies.
No way. None of the girls you know would be down with that shit.
I would totally be your whore for the week.

It's now time for me to sleep. No work tomorrow at all, although there is that movie thing going on and maybe some other madness earlier in the day. I'll let you know about it as soon as I know about it.

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