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A night in review

Tonight, I had a good time. I went to the lj meetup thing at the Bauhaus first. There was several people there when I got there. Mostly, I just said hi to the people I am already friends with, but there was a bunch other people there as well and I tried to be friendly.

I wasn't there too long when several of us decided minnie's would be a lot more fun. So we jumped in cars and headed on down for some fine dining. I had myself some cheese bread and good conversation. Once everyone was done there, I walked across the street to Watertown.
The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with London and her friends (who are all way cuter then me). It was a fine time there. I got to talk with her a bunch and catch up a bit. I never do see her often enough, I say. She just got her wisdom teeth out a couple days ago and was suffering and a bit high from the meds. Summer time is always the time everyone gets their wisdom teeth out, it seems. I know of many people that have done it recently.
Anyways, it was really nice talking with her for a bit about things. I got to see her new apartment and everything.

I've talked to several people about this. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. There is a whole lot more going on behind the terrorism attacks then meets the eye. More of the conspiracy is here. Propers go to chrisg.
I think this stuff is important. I'm a bit afraid to actually write about this sort of thing, but I think linking to it is a bit safer, maybe.


Jul. 24th, 2002 12:56 pm (UTC)
IT was just slightly awkward and no one really wanted to be social.


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