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move along, there is nothing but self pity here

Today wasn't all that good for social interaction. I did have a nice time with ashley, but I have just been really down. Sorry ash if I was boring, or a drag to be with.

I've just been lost in thought mostly and don't really know how to share this with others. I had the same problem tonight when I went to Watertown. London and Nikki were there are it's really great fun seeing them, but I just don't feel like I have anything to say. Being social in a group is too much energy right now, it seems. I think I need to keep social interaction down to a minimum and maybe only be around one or two people at most when I'm with others. It will help my sanity.

I'm looking for that thing that will push me in the right direction. I haven't been slumped in a depression for a while.

Massive Habit - Sad
Actual Tigers - On A Roll
Modest Mouse - Novocain Stain
massive attack - karmacoma
elvis costello and the attractions - high fidelity
pitty party people - anticon
Weezer - Why Bother
Skinny Puppy - Jahya
Boards of Canada - Kid for Today
Atmosphere - Between The Lines
mogwai - burn_girl_prom_queen
Cranes - Flute Song
modest mouse - gravity rides everything
ugly cassanova - things I dont remember
elvis costello and the attractions - i want you
death cab for cutie - The Employment Pages
R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

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