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Right now, at this very moment, I am feeling depressed. I'm not sure what brought this feeling on, but I think it may just be due to the general situation I am in with my life. I am really discontent. I am going no where fast. I do not have a job and I'm not pushing myself hard enough to get one. I am not doing very well in school. I am very unhappy with my performance and I feel there is no justification for this. I am fairly happy with my relationships with my friends, but there are people I wish I could spend more time with. I feel like I am headed for destruction and in the end, I will disappoint everyone.

I have already disappointed myself.

On a lighter note, today was pretty good. I went to the seattle locks with ashley for a while. We watched fish swim around, water go up and down, we made jokes and laughed about a great many things. There was also Karen's birthday party which started at Golden Gardens. There was frisbee played where I was commited to proving just how hardcore I really am and was going all out. There is still sand in my underwear and hair. It started raining after a while, though, so we headed back to Marie's house to cook food and play games. The good times kept going on until near midnight when everyone that was left decided it was time to go cause we were tired. I took ashley back home and now it's just about time for me to crash in the bed now.
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