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Not a good day for LORD

Today wasn't a very good day on LORD. The random forest events did not help my stats. In fact, I lost charm and was raped by a troll. :(
Then I got challenged to an online duel and was killed with the first hit.
Ialpha hits you for 494 points of damage!

You fall to the ground. You think Ialpha is going to let you go... Just before you feel his Crystal Shard sliding through your chest.

You distantly feel your lungs filling with blood, when everything becomes black.

You have been killed by Ialpha.



You have been defeated on your way to glory. The road to success is long and hard. You have encountered a minor setback. But do NOT lose heart, you can continue your struggle tomorrow.
I'm always accidentally accepting online duels. Sigh. I am usually doing something else and hit the enter key too quickly.

Tomorrow is a long ways away.

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