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Scary nightmares

I had a disturbing nightmare. It was also really long and I wasn't waking up from it. I thought I had set an alarm or something so I could wake up, but apparently I didn't so I just woke up around 12:45.

The nightmare starts off innocently enough. Me and a bunch of my friends go skiing/snowboard up on a mountain. If I know you personally, there is a good chance you made a cameo. There was a lot of people I know in the dream. Anyways, the first part of it is really nice. Everyone having a good time gong up and down the mountain. This went on for a long while. Good times were had and everyone was happy. Then we decide to go site seeing.
The mountain we are on is a volcano so we go up to the top of it cause there is a tour that takes people there. Of course once we get up there, the volcano starts to erupt. Some people were standing right next to the crater and the whole area collapses and everyone there falls in. People are yelling "run!" and everyone starts to bolt down the hill. I woke up when everyone was running.

I haven't had a distressing dream in a long time. The themes I tend to have when having nightmares are natural disasters, which I find interesting. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, all the sorts of things that I have no control over. They seem too big to deal with. Now, I've been through earthquakes before so those don't quite seem like as big a deal anymore, but these crazy forces of nature are still strange and mysterious I guess.

Speaking of scary, read this. It's not about natural disasters, but it's close enough.

Unsure what the plans are for today. I should post this now. I've been writing for it almost an hour and a half.

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