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chocolat is a fantastic movie. I have a confession to make. I bought that dvd when it first came out, but i never watched it. I'm not sure why, but i really loved it.
when the movie was over, i was dancing to the ending credits' music. it made me want to listen to more classical music.
i am very drunk right now and typing is a chore, it seems. but this is fine. i will correct my mistakes as i type. thank god for evan's spell checker that makes things red when they are misspelled. it lets me catch the many errors that i type so that you, my wonderful readers, can read what i mean to type. :)

just for the record, i have had 8 shots (i think) of vodka and anything that i am typing i am not double checking. this is a state of confusion that i have put myself in. it is a really nice experience. heh. i can imagine myself regretting this entry tomorrow morning, but whatever. i have good music playing and i don't care right now.

jesus, that movie was really good.

i almost feel like leaving my typing errors because that's why a drunk post is suppose to be all about, right? but part of the fun of typing while like this is trying to pay attention to what i say and making the various fixes that are required. lalala. :P
hehe. i actally pity all you suckers for having to read this madness and rambling. i personally wouldn't want to read this post cause i have no self editing going on here.
the attention required to make this post readable is getting more and more difficult. i am pretty sure i am fucked in the morning. that's fine, though. who needs to wake up?
i try and read my friends page now and it isn't working. sigh. stupid timeout rendering page error. there, it went away now and i am happy.

i was looking for a different liszt cd of mine, but for some reason, i can't seem to find it. i was hoping for the cd with all the hungarian rhapsodies on it, but instead i found this nice best of cd. it has a couple of the hungarian rhapsodies on it, but it also has some of his other music which consists of full orchestra pieces. they are nice too, though. i am fine with this.

holy shit! there is a big ass scratch on this cd. how did that happen? :( it's not like i listen to this a whole lot. i don't even have it ripped. this sadness me greatly. feh.
hey, cool. this cd has the hungarian rhapsodies with full orchestra versions on it. i thought i only had the piano version, which is how the music was written. but i am all in favor of fall orchestra versions. it says on the back of the cd: "The hungarian rhapsodies, originally written for piano, emerge boldly, vividly in orchestral arrangements. So do the spine-tingling Hungarian Battle March and Rakoczy March. Taste? This music has flavor!"
hehe. I find this amusing. But the orchestra versions of this music is wonderful.

ok i post now and i will be busy conducting the music here. :P

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