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That's the Power of Love!

Dante's was crazy mad nuts!! Apparently starting today until further notice, ever monday night at Dante's will feature karaoke. So tonight, since it's a new thing, we all raided it. I ended up doing two songs. Birdhouse in your Soul and The Power of Love, both of which were lots of fun to sing. I also had a bunch to drink which I'm sure helped me.
There was also some cool people there that I don't normally get to see. yay!
I'm not really sure about the Karaoke as a regular thing, but it was quite fun tonight. I would imagine things would return to normal a bit more next week. There would be less singing by us, at least. Oh, the MGD girl gave me another pint glass for singing! How sweet is that?

After dante's, I went to the Hurricane with Erik, Danny, Devon and Melissa. That was fun and it gave me time to sober up enough to drive, which is nice.

I'm about to crash in the bed now. No school in the morning, but I would like to wake up and get some things done. And maybe I'll go running or something in the morning as well. It's all about motivation.
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