The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

Does this make any sense at all?

17:54:29 tony: come to the abc party after bar hopping!
17:54:42 cac0f0ny: nods
17:54:50 cac0f0ny: i will see what condition i am in
17:55:01 tony: I'll tell you what condition you'll be in
17:55:10 tony: WHORE condition! which is perfect
17:55:14 cac0f0ny: haha
17:55:28 cac0f0ny: what are you implying?
17:55:36 tony: implying? what makes you say that?
17:55:45 tony: haha sucka
17:56:01 cac0f0ny: shut yer pie hole
17:56:29 tony: hehe
17:57:31 cac0f0ny: imply - verb- * To express or indicate indirectly"
17:57:40 cac0f0ny: His tone implied disapproval.
17:57:49 cac0f0ny: and such
17:58:33 cac0f0ny: i am saying that you are expressing something indirectly by your statement that I will be in a "WHORE condition"
17:58:40 cac0f0ny: so
17:58:41 cac0f0ny: what are you implying?
17:58:45 tony: bling bling
17:58:49 cac0f0ny: hehe
17:58:53 tony: that's what
17:59:08 cac0f0ny: bling bling is an acceptable answer
17:59:09 cac0f0ny: hehe
17:59:46 tony: *bows*

as it turns out, the London party won't start until around 8. so I have a little more time to kill. Somehow, I have managed to avoid cleaning it when that was the main goal of mine this morning. Damn, I'm good.

So I'll be getting some food somewhere around here and kill some more time.

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