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Just thoughts in a pen...

      some serious music
        inside me...
          serious music...
      i audition
        for my first
          laugh track
            any second now...
          keep rootin....
            i appreciate it....

Doseone constantly amazes me.
The problem is... this album can not just be listened to. It has to be LISTENED to. For example, listen to this wonderful piece of madness. I have the lyrics in front of me and I'm having a hard time following the music. But it's so amazing. I am compelled to listen many more times. But that track isn't like anything else on this album. Every track on this album is different. And while I'm listening to this, I keep on hearing more that I want to quote or put on my webserver.

Time to get dressed and eat. I'll see if I can pull myself away from listening.

this fun fun song has been brought to you by advertising class and the pending merger
between general electric and domino's pizza which will allow you too to order pizza
through an interactive television programming system...
but... it's pending... mind you...

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