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Me and hollybear discuss the important issues of the day.

(21:46:55) hollybear: I want to see naked pictures of Britney! Someone needs to the deleted film scenes online.
(21:47:16) me: oh man, that would be great
(21:47:53) me: it would be a treasured item for the freaks and pervs of the internet
(21:48:03) hollybear: We should go see the movie. She is in her underwear
(21:48:09) me: really?
(21:48:11) hollybear: !!1
(21:48:13) hollybear: Yes!
(21:48:15) me: wow
(21:48:31) me: who does she have sex with in the movie?
(21:48:33) me: i wonder?
(21:48:39) me: and why didn't i get that role?
(21:48:43) me: for rilla
(21:49:30) hollybear: hehehehe
(21:49:43) hollybear: "the dork who got eaten by the monster at the end of Jeepers Creepers" apparently.
(21:50:12) me: arg!!!
(21:50:15) me: not fair
(21:50:37) hollybear: a scene in the beginning where she dances around in her underwear was cut
(21:50:48) hollybear: there needs to be deleted scenes on the dvd!
(21:51:02) me: the "special" edition
(21:51:46) hollybear: If they were smart they'd include them. They'd sell millions of copies.
(21:52:15) me: * The film was to have opened with Britney Spears dancing around in her bedroom dressed in her underwear. Britney then skips down the stairs semi-naked and embarrasses her father. Now the scene has been re-cut with Britney wearing her school uniform instead. In another scene, Spears was originally filmed in her underwear preparing to go to bed with a man she has picked up in a bar. The scene was reshot with Britney wearing a shirt.
(21:52:45) me: he is embaressed because she is in a school uniform?
(21:52:59) hollybear: Yeah, that doesn't make sense.
(21:53:08) me: whateva
(21:53:15) me: director's cut!!!
(21:53:19) me: that's what we need
(21:54:06) hollybear: yes!

(22:01:46) me: i sure hope so

(22:04:58) melissa: That is as close as we're going to get!
(22:05:31) me: wow
(22:05:43) me: smile like a donut!#@!#!

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