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I thought he was going to be different. He has CP!

Tonight was a little bit crazy. It started out with me going to see Storytelling with nighthawk. I was quite impressed by the movie. Very good and Todd Solondz managed to make another very interesting, somewhat disturbing film.

After the movie, Chris and I went to the Hurricane. Ate some food there, but while eating, I chipped my tooth again. I hate it when this happens. This means I need to call into work tomorrow saying I won't be able to make it on time and instead go to the dentist.

We then went up to melissa's apartment where there was a little gathering going on. Catching the tail end of ghostbusters, but once the movie was over, we left. Only once we left, Ashley came with us. Then on the drive back down to capital hill, i accidentally swallowed the chipped tooth. That's not good at all.

Once back on capital hill, we all went to Torben's place. Me and chris played DOA3 (!!!) while Torben and Ashley chatted. That game so rules me. This is not good cause it makes me want an X-Box even more now.

After a couple hours of that, it was really time to go. I've come home and now i need to sleep. Tomorrow I have to get some shit done. Can't leave my tooth like this for too long. It was really nice to see so many people tonight. Too bad my tooth is all fucked up.
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