The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time


Ahh the GWAR concert. I went out and met up with Tony, Adam, Gina, and Tony's friend at the pike place pub. We got some food and had a drink before the show.
Once done, it was time to head over. We got in there while the first band was doing their set. Thrash metal is hilarious. A riot a minute, really.
When the first band was done, tony, his friend and I moved up to the stage. This is where it really got interesting. Once the next band came on, the pit really broke out and stayed active for the rest of the night. Even went the a band wasn't playing, people were jumping around and pushing each other.
Anyways, that second band was lots of fun. I jumped around and let loose lots of energy that has been built up for far too long. I really needed to be in a pit.

Then, finally it was time for GWAR to come on. The crowd was very restless and chanting "GWAR" before they started. And once they started, it was all I hoped for. Spraying the audience with fake blood, killing people on stage, a dinosaur attacking the band members, it was beautiful. About half way through the show, though, I got hit in the face with a shoe that had been thrown in the air. That was right after they killed Osama Bin Laden on stage, for those of you that are keeping track. Once i got hit in the face with that shoe, I decided to pull out of the pit and take a bathroom break. And once I was out of the crowd, there wasn't much hope in me getting back in there. Oh well. I was getting quite tired by the end of it anyways.

Is it wrong to lush after the young girls with the "jail bait" tattoos on their backs just hidden from view? Cause although the audience was about 70% male, there were a couple girls that I couldn't help but look at. And since it was all ages, I'm sure some of them weren't quite old enough.

Once the concert was over, I headed out, met up with everyone to get my things and I headed home.
I've had myself a drink and am slowly getting sleeping. I'll be heading to bed within an hour, I think.

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