The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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Lazy Sunday

I'm awake. Going to get up and start doing something.
I'm hungry.

20 minutes later....

I'm still hungry. I'm thinking about going to a movie today. Hold on, let me check the listings....

Ok, here are my choices for watching movies. Anyone out there have an opinion about any of these? The times for the showings are not necessary to keep to, in case someone wants to join me. Just let me know and we can discuss meeting up. I like company when i go to movies. :)

Poll #18957 MOVIE SIGN!@$!@$!@$1

What movie should I see?

In the Bedroom at 4:20 at the Galleria
Storytelling at 5:15 at the Broadway Market
Italian for Beginnersat 5 at the Harvard Exit

Ok, I'm running to get food. My dad wants me to cut the grass too.
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