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First off, I would like to point out this post. Download and listen to the song and see if you can't help ron out. I took a listen and can't tell what it is, but damn does it sound familiar.

I have this thing running that logs all the music I listen to. Every time xmms plays a song, the song is added to a log file. I've now been running it for a couple months now. So I looked at the log file tonight cause there is finally enough information in the log that the info can be interesting to look at. So I looked at it and sorted it and figured out the most popular albums that i listen to.
The Top Ten Albums that I have been listening to are as follows:

10. Actual Tigers / gravelled and green
For some reason, this album really clicked with me when I got it earlier in 2001. It just has some great song writing on it and I just keep coming back. It was a completely random discovery, too. I asked beastule for an album recommendation and this is what she suggested.
9. Ben Folds / Rockin' the Suburbs
This album just blows my mind. Every time I listen, it gets better. And every time I look on, the rating on it gets higher. Seems everyone is liking it more and more, as long as they didn't give up on it after the first listen.
8. Stereolab / Sound-Dust
Here is another album that came out in 2001 that has really grown on me. It takes the familiar Stereolab sound and builds on top of it in a whole new direction. I highly recommend checking it out if you liked earlier stereolab stuff at all.
7. Faithless / 8 am Sunday
This has become my favorite faithless album over time. It is really laid back compared to reverence. I think that calmness about the album is really what keeps me coming back. I've been the crazy faithless nut for a long time now. Every since their first album came out and everything they do I seem to like. Even the newest album which has been beaten up pretty bad by most people that like faithless. They haven't done me wrong yet.
6. Aphex Twin / Selected Ambient Works - Volume 2
An album we all know and love. Nothing is more calming the putting on this album and having it play in the background. It's so nice. This album has really defined ambient for me. Everything else that's ambient that I heard I compare with this album.
5. Phish / Lawn Boy
I was surprised that this was on the list. I didn't think I was listening to this particular phish album that much. But I must have. Well, there are a lot of songs on there that I enjoy.
4. Belle and Sebastian / If You're Feeling Sinister
I have been on a really big Belle and Sebastian kick ever since (and a little before) I saw them in concert. This album has been making it's regular rounds on my mp3 player for a while. At first listen, one doesn't really understand the amount of layers and complexity that are within this album.
3. Belle and Sebastian / The Boy With The Arab Strap
I'm not really surprised that there are two Belle and Sebastian albums on the list. Both of them have been getting heavy rotation. This album is amazing and multi-layered like If you're feeling sinster. I keep on going back and forth on which one I actually like more. They were separate by only one listen, so the other album could jump ahead and they will be going back and forth for a while.
2. James / Seven
As I was rediscovering my love for James earlier in 2001, this was the first album I got my hands on. And I listened to it on repeat for a long while. While I currently feel that Pleased to meet you is James' best album, Seven and Laid and right up there and it's neck and neck on which one is really the best. This album kicks off strong and keeps going through until it's all over and you just keep wanting more.
1. Peter Gabriel / Passion
There is good reasons I have this album as number one. It calms me like no other album out there. It's my sleeping album. It has this wonderfully spiritual feel to it. It really moves me. But I'm unable to describe it the way I want to. Here, read the review on
Passion is in actuality Peter Gabriel's soundtrack to the Martin Scorsese film The Last Temptation of Christ , retitled as a result of legal barriers; regardless of its name, however, there's no mistaking the record's stirring power. Like much of Gabriel 's solo work, the album is a product of his continuing fascination with world music, which he employs here to create an exceptionally beautiful and atmospheric tapestry of sound perfectly evocative of the film's resonant spiritual drama; inspired by field recordings collected in areas as diverse as Turkey, Senegal and Egypt, Passion achieves a cumulative effect clearly Middle Eastern in origin, yet its brilliant fusion of ancient and modern musics ultimately transcends both geography and time. Remarkably dramatic, even visual, it is not only Gabriel's best film work but deserving of serious consideration as his finest music of any kind; equally worthwhile is Passion: Sources, which assembles the original native recordings which served as his creative launching pad. -- Jason Ankeny

Other honorable mentions that didn't quite make it to the list, but I do listen to a whole lot are: Lost Highway Soundtrack, Plaid / Double Figure, Boards Of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children, James / Pleased To Meet You, Philip Glass / Glassworks, Cibo Matto / Viva La Woman, Nine Inch Nails / still, Clouddead, Philip Glass / Koyaanisqatsi, Modest Mouse / The Moon & Antarctica

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