The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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Mad nin dvd warez!@#

ok, after much time searching the internet for some of the secerts of the new nin dvd, I have found something that will hold me over for at least a little while.

Ok, fire up the second dvd and jump to the song 'head like a hole'. play the song (or fast forward) until about you are about 11:15 into the disc. once there, start hitting the 7 key and then enter. i think this worked for me at about 11:17 or 11:18. If you do it right, it will cut to a menu listing Reptile, The day the world went away, starfuckers featuring marilyn manson and three commerical spots. It's totally blingc0r3.

I totally have cabin fever here now. I don't want to stick around the house anymore tonight.
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