The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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Dinner at the thaiger room with friends.
Crazy broken movie night with different friends.

Currently I am drooling over this. I would love a really nice go board and some good stones and some bowls to hold them in. But I really haven't been playing enough to justify this sort of thing to myself. Also, if I had these things, who would I play with at my house?
I want to start playing more again. I should start going to go night (if it's still going on) or start going to the go center or something. Maybe I should just start playing online.
It's like contact juggling. I enjoy it, I should do it more. If I don't do it regularly, my skill decreases.
On a side but somewhat related note, I heard that 'A Beautiful Mind' has go in it. Movies with go are cool. I mean, just look at Pi. That movie rules and it has go in it. heh.

Bedtime now.
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