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Woke up and jumped on the computer pretty quickly. Still a little tired, but I think I should just get moving and ready for my day instead of sleeping more. Although sleep does sound good. It always sounds good.

Things I am thinking about doing today since it's a day off work:
Go return the two christmas presents that I need to take back. I always feel guilty about returning presents. I feel like it's being rude to the person who gave the gift. But sometimes things need to go back. What can you do?
Go see a movie in the theater. Possible movies I am considering are: The Majestic, Vanilla Sky, A Beautiful Mind, Amelie, In the Bedroom, The Royal Tenenbaums, Mulholland Drive. Wow, there is a lot of movies out that I would consider seeing. Granted some of them I've seen already, but if the movie is good, a second view never hurts. We shall see if I end up going to something.

blah blah blah... that's enough writing for now.

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