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Went over to the Campbell's house and had dinner. Afterwards, Reg put on a movie. The movie was Red Dawn. Oh god, it was bad. Was reading reviews on IMDB and people were defending it because of 9/11, but whatever. This situation is more like Fortress America then 9/11. And you can't defend bad script writing or bad acting. Generally, I don't get bored of a movie even if it does start to feel long. This movie was around 100 minutes long and I was way bored of it. I couldn't wait for them to just kill off all the main characters so the stupid story would end.

I don't plan on going out tonight at all. Stay home, play video games, do some laundry, get some rest. Of course this is all up in the air if someone contacts me and wants to play. But as that hasn't happened yet, I'll stick with the current plan.

oooOOOooo. Pictures from the New years party. There is debauchery and glazed looks.

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