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positive reviews all around the board!

(22:04:33) me:
(22:06:52) me: i'm totally scared here
(22:07:18) nefarious: oh in the name of all that is holy what the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
(22:07:55) me: there is others, too! aaaaa!!
(22:09:29) nefarious: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

(22:16:09) me:
(22:17:03) toddv: hmm... should I watch this now, or after my parents have gone to bed?
(22:17:17) me: um...
(22:17:29) me: they all talk in german
(22:17:36) me: so they won't hear anything bad
(22:18:47) toddv: ummm... if they turn and look, will it be horrid?
(22:19:08) me: maybE
(22:19:21) me: depends on when they look

(22:18:16) me:
(22:20:59) markle: wtf?
(22:21:26) me: i'm not sure what to think, but it blows my mind
(22:23:55) markle: that was pretty fucked up, yo.
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