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Last night, I saw Tim play a christmas concert. It was very nice, although I don't care for christmas carols at all. Still, he did a very nice job.
When we got back, me and Mike went to a issaquah bar. We played a bit of pool, watched a bit of WWF and had a little to drink. It was a nice substitute for my normal Dante's monday night.
I passed out when we got home. I was really tired.

Then waking up in the morning, it was time to celebrate decemberween. So we all gathered around the dead tree with glass hanging on it and opened gifts. Good things were had by all. I got the following: Pants, socks, Off the wall calendar, a very comfy leather chair, a film encyclopedia, Reservoir Dogs DVD (thanks carrieann, I might be wrong by radiohead (thanks again carrieann!), Bjork's all is full of love dvd(thanks for a third time carrieann!) and Moulin Rouge! dvd and some candy.

So i think the plan for today is hanging out here. Doing various things with the fam. I don't know if there is anything going down this evening, though. I'll have to find out.

The dvdlist should work now. It's up to date, at least. I had forgot to set the new ip address in the apache config file.

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