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What a interesting/fun/eventful night tonight was.
It started out easy enough. I drove out to seattle to meet up with Torbin for a large group dinner. I got out there a little bit early so i could find parking and get some money.
While at the ATM, I saw Blythe. Then when i was done with getting the money, the card got stuck in the machine. Then the machine proceeded to eat the card. Right after that, some guy asked me and blythe for money so he could buy booze. Broadway is surreal.
You have unlocked a secert message!
Then I proceeded up to Torbin's place. There was much sitting around there while people slowly showed up. While we waited, matt fired up the xbox and we played Halo. That game reminded me a whole lot of Time Splitters for the ps2. It was lots of fun. Brenna got there and played the game too. Once everyone had arrived, we all went out for food.
I like hiding little messages in the white space. I may do this more often.
After dinner, the party split up a little bit. There was talks of going bowling, so Brenna and I ran off and headed to the bowling alley. Once there, though, there was a hour wait. So instead, we meet up with Brendon, Blythe and others at Dante's. More fun times were spent and the evening wrapped up after that.
I have a secondary private journal that I have been writing in called greetings.
Wow, lots of random details in this post. Shrug. I enjoyed myself greatly.
Brenna is really cool.
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