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It never fails.
I go to bed at an early/decent time and I wake up at fucking 3 in the morning and can't go back to sleep. Goddamn my body sucks at this whole sleeping thing. I offer it sleep and it's like "No! You should be awake at this time. Sleep is for the hours when everyone else is awake!". Blah.

Text Messages are fun. toddv is winning the award for craziest text message. In fact, it was so crazy that I have to mention it in the journal. Holy crap todd.

Speaking of the cell phone, I'm quite proud of the voice message on there. You should call it. The phone is off and everything so I won't pick up. So you have nothing to fear. heh.

Personally, I hate the word 'pat'. I avoid writing it and will always use another word instead, even if pat portrays the meaning better. And ever time I read it on livejournal in usage, it weirds me out.
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