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How about an update?

Kathy and Mike have arrived over here. They brought their new puppy "Gromit" over here. People are sitting around, walking football *yawn* and conversing lots. I have spent good long times in my room playing with various things that will keep me entertained. I always seem to play this sort of antisocial game at family gatherings. I prefer one on one encounters with family members to the everyone in one room encounter. So I randomly go down and socialize a bit and then come back up and hang out all alone.

Livejournal is pretty fun today. Not a lot of posts, but what is there is golden.
We have the cynical commentary. We have the Thanksgiving prayer. We have the family fights and resentment. We have the cute cartoons of Giraffes and Elephants. And finally, we have the lists of what people are thankful for.

hrm... I upgraded my system today and now galeon isn't working. It just sits there saying it's loading forever. I think part of it got update and the rest didn't. how annoying.

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