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Movie tonight, i think

today i did napkins all day. lala. so boring.

but now on to bigger and better things. I have two days off. This is a beautiful thing.
Poll #10695 Which movie?

So tonight I want to go see a movie. Here are my choices:

Harry Potter. It's getting good reviews. Everyone seems to love it. $90 million dollars can't be wrong, can it? :)
Novocaine. Getting so-so reviews. Got a great cast and looked pretty good from the trailer, though. It could be a nice time killer. It's only playing at the Uptown, though.
Amelie. Dying to see this again. I may put it off until my brothers are in town in a day or two. We could all go together. That would be fun.
Shallow Hal. Looks pretty dumb. Also getting bad reviews. But it does have JB in it. So it can't be a complete waste of time, right?
Mulholland Drive. I'm dying to see this movie again as well. So many things I want to try and understand about it. A definite possibility.
Together. Getting great reviews. I remember seeing something about this movie at SIFF, I think. Suppose to be a really good character study.

Polls are fun. Anyone want to see a movie with me? Anyone have a better idea for something to do tonight?
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