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The Weezer show ruled. I had great fun. The best part, of course, was Tenacious D. They are so much fun to see live. The stage presence of JB and Cage were just too much fun.
Weezer was great too. The show started out a little slow, but picked up as it went a long. the light show and the pyrotechnics were really cool at the end.

Mad props to Abel for hooking me up with the ticket.
I was surprised by the number of people I know that were at the show. That was very cool.

Other notes about today. I bought the new cure greatest hits album. What makes it totally worth the price is the bonus disc with all the songs redone acoustically. Very cool.

Work was long and boring. I spent most of the day moving boxes.

And finally, I'm thinking about setting up a second journal. It would be way more exposing and personal then this one. But I'm not sure if I am ready to open myself up that much. Truth is a hard thing to swallow sometimes.
Well, I made it. Ask me about it in a form other the livejournal if you want to know where it is. If you want to read it, let me know.

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