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games, movies, assassins and James

Time for a recap of the evenings events.
First I went out to seattle for a bit. met up with yiyi and tried out Tony Hawk 3. It was pretty cool. It was also really similar to th2. I enjoyed it, though. I will be playing more of that game in the future.

Then I went and saw spike and mike's classic animation festival with carley. It wasn't as good as it had been in previous years. It was neat to see Rejected again, though. That's a funny cartoon.

I came home and talked to brad about fantasia. The judge is coming along nicely. Almost ready for production, it looks like. brad rules.
I was trying to make a pretty design for it, but i'm not the most creative web designer so it didn't come up with anything really great. I think we need graphics for it.

I also went on a bit of an online shopping spree. I had the major need to order cds by the band james. So I went on to half.com and started shopping. And I proceeded to find cheap deals all around.

Whiplash is a cd I lost a year ago when my car got broken into. I have been meaning to buy it again. Just never found it used ever.

I have been borrowing Seven from markle for a while. I am totally in love with this cd and am convinced I will never give it back to him unless I buy it myself. It's like crack! I swear!

It will be nice to have a collection of the best of James. From what I understand, it's not in any particular order which seems a little odd. But the music is so good that it doesn't matter a whole lot. This may save me from having to find the out of print early discs.

Finally, James' newest album. It's only been released in the UK so it was an import. That does raise the price a bit, but at least from what allmusic.com says, it's totally worth it.
I really have been wanting to get more of their stuff for a long time, but it's such a pain in the ass to find it anywhere except for the internet. I'm always looking in cd stores and all they have is Laid, which is a fantastic album but it's not like I don't already have it. I want more!
Also, you should read allmusic's review of Jame's first album Stutter. It's amusing.


Nov. 18th, 2001 05:04 pm (UTC)
Seven is a fantastic album. I'm always blown away by it every time i listen. I totally agree with you.

As for Pleased to Meet You, of course you will receive a full report about the album. I can't wait to hold it in my hands.
I tried to spend the least amount of money possible.


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