The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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LOVE ME!@#!@#

Work was super slow. Felt bad about being late, but it wasn't like I was really needed all that much. It was just too slow all day.

But tonight, there should be good times. Plans are to see 'Better off dead' at midnight at the Egyptian. I'm doing my best to gather many people at the theater tonight. hopefully people will show up. *crosses fingers*

I talked to my imaginary friend London tonight. It turns out that she was at Tori last night and was sitting really near where I was. I knew I should have gotten up and wandered around during the intermission. I totally would have seen her. drat.
I may go hang out with her before going to the movie. I don't really want to sit around here bored for several hours.

In other news, um... well, I can't really think of any other news. It's time to eat dinner.
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