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The Mix Disc

I'm posting the track list again and this time with a little bit of details on each song.

Ween - Voodoo Lady
The first time I remember hearing this song was in a state skit, actually. I have never really listened to ween all that much. Was sort of turned away by the album art. As it turned out, that album is really good.
The sound clip before the start of the song is from the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack. It's Jason Lee speaking.

pale 3 - Fly with Me
This song is from the Princess and the Warrior soundtrack. I was really impressed with the overall sound of that movie and was looking forward to the day the soundtrack was released. Tom Tyker, the director of the movie, makes all the music for his films. This being the fourth full length movie he has done like this, he decided to name the group that he works with for the movies pale 3. On that soundtrack, they take the symphonic themes from the movie and add female vocals on top creating an interesting new concept for a soundtrack.
This particular song has Franka Potente doing the lead vocals.

Blackalicious - Deception
Blackalicious is a great hip hop group. I first heard about them a year ago after randomly downloading the song "Lyric Fathom". It took a little while after that to actually realize that they did much more great music. This particular song is so very catchy and interesting to listen to.

Tindersticks - Another Night In
I discovered this group through a compilation I bought called "Back to Mine" that faithless put together. This song was on there and I was just blown away by how cool it was. It's very passive but with a lot of power behind it. I want to check out more of their stuff.

Boycrazy - Foreign Words has nothing on this band, but there is some info about the album. I found the album while downloading stuff off of usenet. The name of the band intrigued me the most.
I really just don't know much about them except that I like their sound.

Baxter - Ballad of Behaviour
Ahh baxter. They are in line with lots of other music I'm currently digging. The downbeat electronica sound is very easy to enjoy. Personally, they bring to mind groups like Portishead or Massive Attack. But they have a much happier feel to them. This particular song is my favorite from the album. I love the music as it opens.

Faithless - One Step Too Far
Faithless has always sort of felt like my own dirty little secert. I have been a fan since their first album and have often tried to promote them to my friends. Before recently, there just never seemed to be all that much interest in them from most of the people I knew, though. With the new album coming out this year, there was a bunch of new songs for me to listen to and love. This particular song features Dido singing. She has actually appeared on all their albums and is the sister of one of the members.

Counting Crows - Einstein on the Beach
I never really liked the Counting Crows all that much. I often felt that they were just another mid 90s alternative band and never seemed all that great. But I bought this compilation that had a bunch of random rare tunes by different bands. Nirvana, Beck, etc were on there. This song was on there as well. And I noted how it was really good. I also liked the reference to Philip Glass in the title.

Cracker - Teen Angst
I remember hearing this song on the radio way back when. It was always amusing. Any song with clever lyrics is. It's sort of back before cracker really got big, too. Their first album was never as popular is their second album Kerosene Hat.

Plaid - Squance
First coming to attention to me because their first album was released on Nothing records, plaid has lead the way in my IDM listening interests along with Aphex Twin and Autechre. This particular song is from their new album.

Actual Tigers - Testimony
The Actual Tigers were introduced to me by beastule when I asked her to recommend something that I should buy. I ended up buying that cd and have been content with that purchase ever since. The music is quite poppy and infectious. This is my favorite song from the album.

Golden Palominos - Boy (Go)
The Golden Palominos where not a group. They were a super group (similar to Pigface) where a group of different people would work with one or two people that remained constant. The sound that this group creates is vast and it's hard to really classify them.
This particular song features Michael Stipe lead singing on. He always can add his own interesting style to anything he does.

Ben Folds - The Ascent of Stan
Ben Folds' solo album is an interesting release. Not quite the same thing as the group Ben Folds Five, it's still fun to listen to.
What made this song stick out to me was the fast piano harmony. Something like that can really make the song a pleasure to listen to.

Dave Pirner - Tube of Wondeful
Dave Pirner is part of the band Soul Asylum. He wrote this little song to be the theme song in the movie Chasing Amy. So if you've seen that movie, you will recognize this song. It because available to get after Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back came out. It's on that soundtrack.

Belle & Sebastian - Sleep the clock around
I have really started liking Belle & Sebastian a lot. They always seemed like one of those bands that you've heard of, but no one listens to except you really wired friend. But they are amazingly good. When I listen to an album by them, there isn't one song on there that I dislike. There isn't one song on there that I ever skip over. This song is from the album "The Boy with the Arab Strap".

Jamiroquai - Little L
This is a track from Jamiroquai's new album "A Funk Odyssey". Jamiroquai has never been a band that I listened to much. I have always really enjoyed their singles, though. A group I always felt I should listen to more, but just never did. When this new album came around, I downloaded it and was really impressed. I haven't really listened to the album enough to say that I like one song more then any other, but this one is particularly funky and I felt that the mix needed some of that sweet sweet funk. :)

Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics
Finally, last but not least, Alphabet Aerobics. This song is such a great wrap up. Plus, the song is just amazing. Can you follow all the lyrics?

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