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creepy dreams from naps

took a really long nap.
you know how when you take a 2 or 3 hour nap and then you up really distorted? yea, that's how I'm feeling.
I had a dream during my nap where I went to a movie theater with erin, jj, allison, and two other people who were a couple. When I came up to buy my movie ticket, there was this girl that was selling tickets there that I used to have a crush on back in middle school. We greeted each other normally.
The six of us came into the theater and I went to buy food. When I turned around, I saw everyone walking through a door to a hallway where the actual theaters were. I ran to follow them, but I then got lost. I proceed to wander through this movie theater going in circles but unable to find where I'm suppose to go.
I then end up back in the lobby. Everyone is sitting there looking at my computer. I go up to it and it doesn't work at all. It's running further but nothing is working. It has really bad mouse trails and the screen isn't redrawing at all. Then the monitor starts to melt.

That's when I woke up. I jumped to my computer to see if it's ok.
I really find it funny that I dreamed about further being broken. Meanwhile, in real life, it crashes. :P

Yea, I'm going to go see Mulholland Drive at the Guild 45th now. The showing is at 10. Feel free to join me if you would like.


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