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Movies Galore!

The evening was spent with Brad and Chuck. We went and saw the movie "The Deep End" which was interesting. I didn't think it was a great film, but it was definitely interesting. The film was basically about lies. Everyone is lying in the movie and the problems just keep compounding on top of each other. There was also some symbolism with water during the whole film, but i can't quite seem to figure out what it was suppose to mean.

After the movie, we went to dick's, got some food and then went back to their place and watched "The Siege", which chuck rented. I remember seeing that movie when it came out in the theater. But it has a whole new meaning now due to the whole terrorism in NY. It's a good film. I liked it.

So it's time for bed. Tomorrow there is a couple planned dining things. It will be more money then I want to spend, but oh well. That's the way it goes sometimes.

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