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belle and sebastian was really good. it's an amazing performance on stage when there 12 or 13 people up there at the same time and they are all contributing equally. it was so much more then i expected. and Isobel is mega cute and I was swooning during the entire show.

at the end of the concert, they were throwing candy into the audience and I caught a bag of milk duds, which really made my night. i shared it with everyone.
Also cool, I happened to sit right in front of Jessica, who I was in several classes at BCC with. Talked to her and her boyfriend for a bit before the show.

After the concert, the large group from the show (me, adam, gina, betsy, janice, evan, meena, evan's friend who's name has escaped me. I think that is everybuddy) when to minnie's for our final farewell to a late night diner we know and love. sigh, it will be sad to see it gone. some other friends were there when we arrived so after eating, i hung out with them for a while. now i'm just tired. no working tomorrow so i would like to come up with something fun to do. i'll have to think about it.

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