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Some thoughts on the events of 2001/9/11

Maybe it's time to state an opinion or two.
First off, I want to say that all day, I have been bothered by the plane crashes. I'm not one that gets disturbed easily, but waking up this morning and seeing everything all in my face like that got to me. Working retail today and trying to act normal was one of the hardest things I have done in a long time.

That being said, I am really afraid of how our country will react to this whole event. I am afraid that because of this one incident, people will panic and things that are important to me will change. I would like to think that's just me being paranoid, though.

A big part of me thinks that people will move on and live their lives and not a whole lot will change except more airport security. At least until people remember that increased airport security costs money and we don't like spending money. then it will return to the way it is. Do people really learn lessons from these things in the long run?

Oh, some other interesting posts about this subject today: nder made a very interesting post, evan made some interesting comments and linked to some interesting posts, aquariah made an interesting friends only post, revjim made the best posts not about the tragedy, and collegegirl made some good points about how people are getting treated because of this.

Anyways, I was listening to James' album laid today. One song really felt, well, right for today.


You're a weapon of devotion
Keep the faithful entertained
You're a lover of attention
Found a way to pawn the soul
Disposition may be fetching
But the world moves on and leaves you far behind

I hear you, I hear you, whispering such gorgeous stories
I see you, I see you, trying to break free
You liar, you liar, you can't live the dreams you're spinning
You liar, love to be deceived

You're falling, you're falling, falling from your god-like distance
You're fashion, just fashion, fashion doesn't keep
You're sour, so sour, all is hope and trust is misplaced
You're sour, now you are alone

Walking on fire, feel the way the world's inclining
Walking on fire, hate to deceive
Walking on fire, now the world will keep its distance
Walking on fire, you rather than me

My son says, dear father, what did you do when the world turned over
Keep spinning, keep spinning, send us off to sleep
You liar, you liar, all your words are just dust in moonshine
You liar, love to be deceived

Walking on fire, found a place away from humans
Walking on fire, hate to deceive
Walking on fire, now the world will keep its distance
Walking on fire, you rather than me
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