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Hype for J&SBSB

I went and bought 5 tickets for the jay and silent bob showing tomorrow at issaquah. at the issaquah show, you get to see two films actually. Jay and Silent Bob strike back plus The Others. If anyone else wants to show up at that showing, the movie starts at 7:30. We are going to meet at the theater at 7. You can buy tickets online at or at the movie theater box office. I'm stoked for this. It's going to rock.
Kevin Smith talked about the sneak preview in at his web site. He says this:
So, yes - Bob's (Dimension Films) decided to "sneak" the movie this weekend on a thousand screens. I guess I should be happy about it, because it means he's confident in the playability and word of mouth of the flick. But you'd better believe it was tough to give up what could be a million and a half in opening weekend bucks.

However, Bob's the man, and he seems to always know what he's doing, so I'm taking a leap of faith here.

So if there's a "sneak" near you on Saturday, by all means go. It's good for us. Really.

Especially if you go again the next weekend when we officially open.

And you bring a couple friends.

And then you go right into the next showing after the flick's done.

heh. sounds a little nervous if you ask me.

I think I want to watch a movie or something tonight. Not sure what, though. Something just to chill with. Maybe go to bed at a reasonable time and be up and ready to go tomorrow before work. wouldn't that be nice.

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