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My silly friends

I think toddv is the second funniest person i know. Right behind hijinx, who is a riot a minute.

Work was the same old same old. We have several new employees and i always end up playing manager. I really should push to become a real manager if I'm going to keep working there. else, I should go get a job somewhere in seattle. maybe a boring retail job out there just so i can push myself to move out there.

The item survey now, i suppose.
  • Wallet: Standard mens three fold wallet. It's filled with bank slips instead of money.
  • Hairbursh: Whatever one is in the bathroom in the morning. I think it's wood.
  • Toothbrush: A black colgate.
  • Socks: Those costco socks with the grey toes.
  • underwear: boxers, button fly, random colours.
  • shoes: all black converse all stars
  • keychain: it had the house key, my car key, a swiss army knife, an anhk, and a small cabinet key that i forgot to give back to att when I stopped working there.
  • car: 1990 mitsubishi mirage
  • soup: It's made from human fat! heh. just kidding. I think it's a bar of dial.
  • pants: currently, my slacks from work. I wear these or a pair of jeans, or two other pairs of pants that i own. i don't own a lot of pants.
  • shirt: currently, a dark, blackish purple t shirt
  • pillow covers: one has flowers on it, the other is blue
  • duvet: it's black.
  • sunglasses: there is a couple broken pairs of sunglasses around here. none that are wearable currently.
  • nail polish: none
  • handbag: I have a small backpack i use sometimes that I got when I was in europe at the werchter festival.
  • perfume: none
  • CD in car stereo: The princess and the warrior soundtrack
  • Tattoos: One. It's on my lower back and is my name in hieroglyphics.
  • Piercings: None
  • Physical: 6'0", 220 - 230 lbs (haven't checked in a while), brown hair, hazel eyes

boy, that was fun.

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