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Went over to adam's where there was a big DOA2 fest going on. four player tag battles is where it's at. That game really impresses me with how well it's designed. It's always nice that people can take a old format and change it enough to make it interesting again. I haven't seen any fighting games that were really new and different in a while.

I'm back home now and am hacking at a box i got from mark's parents. It's a 486 and i figure it would be fun to make work. Having a little bit of troubles with the NIC. hopefully it's not bad, though. I don't want to buy anything to make this computer work. If i do end up buying a NIC, I'll get a nice one and put it in my desktop. The 486 can have this crappy one in this machine. :)
Oh, I think I'll name the machine Chisa. A lain theme would be cool to maintain. My server is named navi. Of course, I have this other machine that is named moonunit which doesn't fit in the theme at all. Oh well. Maybe I'll rename it if I'm really wanting to maintain a theme here.
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