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Final Fantasy

Ahh, the movie I have been waiting for. This is the movie that video game geeks from across the land have been waiting for. And let me tell you, It was everything I hoped it would be.

The movie was absolutely beautiful to look at. If nothing else, that makes it worth the price of admission right there. The little details and the way things looked were just fantastic. The people in the movie were so close, it was just amazing. You sit there and you watch it and think to yourself "That character almost looks real". I do say almost, though. No one is going to be fooled into thinking that it's live action. But it's too the point that it's hard to call it animation, also.

The plot did leave things to be desired. There were plot holes and strange things left unexplained that you get the idea that they are doing something, but you aren't really sure exactly what. But then, I don't think that many people are watching this for the plot (although final fantasy is known for great ones). I was watching it to be blown away by the look and maybe to get to see some neat action scenes.

Some things to note in comparison to the video game series. We do have a character named Sid. There is no chocobos or moogles in the film, though. We had the military task force playing a major role in the film, just like almost all the games. The basic characters were all standard to the FF series. The lead heroine, the love interest, the higher up military villian, the silly sidekick/party members which their different talents and personalities, etc.

Now the question is, how many days until I see it again?

I'm hanging out around the house for a while, then I'm meeting up with toddv before the bruce campbell signing. I must remember to bring my amry of darkness dvd.

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