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Met up with chris and alison at the thaiger room. after that, we headed over to adam's where we were for a short while. Danny and Jon were there as well. Adam, danny and jon left for red robin and chris and crew went to the mix. The mix is always tasty so i was there with them. After that, I stopped by Tower and bought unbreakable. I really like that movie so I felt justified. :)

Chris went home and I met up with adam and played go with him. Then after all that, I came home. Watched unbreakable and talked with mike for a while. fun night and now it's bedtime. yah?

Disney stole the idea for Atlantis. The pictures are the best part. These two movies look incredibly similar. Any of you anime junkies out there seen "Nadia"?
Apparently Disney did this with the lion king as well.

Today is jeffr's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!

Line breaks are fun. For some reason i want to clean up my room and sleep on the floor.
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