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crazy dream

I had a crazy dream just now.
I was at a college hanging out. I think there was some sort of graduation there or something. I was riding a bike around, reeking havoc among the people when I stop to look at a building. My dad was there too, and he told me to stop bugging people. then he ran off. I just stood there, looking around.
There was this little girl standing next to me, so I said hi. She was holding a teddy bear and pulls it up and there is mace inside the bear. She starts macing my eyes but I manage to close them before I got hit, so the burning isn't that great. I manage to grad the bear away from her and then she reaches into her pocket and pulls out another can of mace and keeps on spraying me. I start to run and she chases me. I get far enough away were I get take the mace I have and aim it back and I start spraying here. She yells and I take the other can from her and stop spraying. Then she runs up to a lady (who I assume is her mom) and hides. I walk up to them and hand the lady the cans of mace and explain what happened.
Then I woke up.

I'm going to hang with erin for a bit today. yay! Some volkswagon thing and then later, I want to go to sundazed. update:or maybe no sundazed.

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