The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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eep! i slept really late and now i fear i might miss my movie! I wanted to wake up around noon, but nope, my body decides otherwise. I knew i should have set the alarm. blah, i say, blah!

so after all my rallying to get people to go see the movie, i'm not going to make it. oh well.

There are still other things on my todo list for today.
  • Go see Jin-Roh at the broadway performance hall.
  • Go to markle's parent's house and pick up a computer that they are giving me!
  • Go to Funco and see if I can buy tony hawk 2 used. (please please please)
  • mail this bill i have to pay(I'm now out of checks. I ordered more a couple days ago. I hope they get here soon)
  • Input that south park dvd into my dvd list
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