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It was really about gay cowboys eating pudding

Tonight was a good night. Erin and I headed down to seattle to go see pearl harbor, but the movie was sold out. not to be discouraged, we made a back up plan.
First, we headed up to The egyptian and bought movie tickets for the midnight movie there called "City of Lost Souls". My review of it will be at the bottom of this post. Did I mention I love SIFF?
After buying the movie tickets, we headed to golden gardens for some mad crazy juggling. It was more of a burning things and chatting thing then a juggling thing, but that's alright. It was good to see danny and leah, both of whom I never get to see enough. Evan, meena, adam, ryan, and janice were around as well. Hooray.

Then it was off to the movie. It was a silly film, this "City of Lost Souls"(2000). It was a Japanese film that stared a Brazilian Guy and a Chinese Girl. They go about kicking ass and taking names mostly. For what reason, you ask? well, apparently they were getting deported from Japan. But they don't want that, so instead they kill everyone and then try to leave Japan. Um.. yea. It did have it's amusing moments, though. There was this very silly subplot about cockfighting where the chickens are in the ring and fight matrix style. And there was lots of gun fighting and kicking ass. That's important, right?
The director's name was Takashi Miike and his style is quite interesting. I would like to see other films by him.

Time for bed now. Working in the morning.

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