The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

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ph34r my bacon like skillz

19:26:39 abel: hey dere
19:26:43 cac0f0ny: y0
19:26:57 abel: wassup holmes
19:27:07 cac0f0ny: nothing much
19:27:45 abel: I think I might try to play some Go
19:28:19 cac0f0ny: fun fun fun!
19:28:41 abel: I better get GOing, if I want to play
19:29:09 cac0f0ny: hahah
19:29:13 cac0f0ny: i may go tonight
19:29:16 cac0f0ny: not sure
19:29:38 abel: better biatch
19:29:48 cac0f0ny: is that a threat?
19:30:09 abel: step up
19:30:28 cac0f0ny:
19:30:31 cac0f0ny: take that!
19:31:02 abel: you son of a...
19:31:04 abel: hehe
19:31:21 cac0f0ny: haha!!! you can not stop the oracle of bacon!
19:31:41 abel: I am a Disciple of bacon(from a pig)
19:32:00 abel: I love fatty, greasy, bacon
19:32:42 cac0f0ny: heh. you love fatty, greasy, kevin bacon!
19:32:45 cac0f0ny: aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
19:32:54 abel: nnooooooooooooo
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