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This post is an attempt to use correct punctuation and grammer.

All the names have been changed to protect the innocent and also to make linking to livejournal users easier. I'm giving it a try for a change.

I was looking for something to do for the evening. There was conversations with lilly and hijinx about things that were going on tonight that I could end up doing. For a little bit, I was considering going to a movie with lilly. There was a couple things that changed those plans, though. We were considering seeing 'O Brother, Where are thou?' at the Broadway Market. I have been itching to see it again but haven't really ever made the time for a second viewing of that movie. Lilly figured that going to a movie at around 9:45 was a bad idea though, because she has to work in the morning at some crazy hour. So my movie plans were out.

Which leads me to my plan discussion with hijinx. He mentioned that there was a birthday party for beastule at her house. I didn't receive any email announcing this gathering of interesting people, but hijinx had so he forwarded the email to me. I then called over to the house and got directions.

The music for the drive over there and back was Modest Mouse. It makes for great driving music. Once I got there, there was a moment of figuring out which door to go up to. While I was sitting in my car, some people drove down the street, turned around and drove back passed me very slowly. I looked up at them and they sort of gave me this look like I was causing them trouble or something. It worried me a little bit, but they then drove on and left me to my own accord.

Once in the party, there was more people there then I really care to mention. There was also brownes and cake which makes for great parties. Feasting on junk food while participating in conversation that spans the large spectrum of conversation that people have at parties. Some of the notable conversations that were laid down include shimmying, using livejournal to try and get press passes for movie tickets or the E3, fisting, the movie 'kids', and high school rumors. I quite enjoyed myself and hope to spend the quality time with those kids again.

The drive home let me finish my Modest Mouse album. Now I sit in my messy room considering sleeping, but instead decide to write a needlessly long livejournal post about pointless information that I would have normally summarized in five or six sentences. This post was a kind of test for me, though. I do not try and write well when I write in this journal. I wonder if I should try and write better. Sure it's my journal and all, but since it's public, others do read it. How do I appear to others when I write poorly in a personal journal? Is it really important to try and show myself off to others using my journal? Maybe I should try and make myself appear more intelligent on my journal instead of appearing like some lazy kid who just uses this journal as a form of communication to his friends. But then, is there anything wrong with that?

Ack. The CVS of loserjabber is broken. I think I will use evan's windows client in wine. Hopefully everything will work right and this post won't be lost somewhere.

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