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quick summary

the modest mouse concert fucking ruled. i loved it. my seat was nose bleed, but i didn't stay in it for long. i got up and headed into the back (one row back) and danced the night away. todd was back there dancing as well, so that made it even cooler.
it sucks that evan didn't make it, though. :(

after the show, i dropped meena off and then went to melissa's with her and mark and chilled for a while. it would have been neat to save some of the pictures from when i was there, but i don't think that happened. oh well.

when i got home, i saw that steph needed a ride so i saved her and now i'm back home again, safe and sound. quite tired, though. and i have to work in the morning. i hope i get to work in the balloon center cause i like filling balloons. but most likely, i'll be doing napkins. and if they put me on register, heads will roll.

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