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memories.... like the corner of my eye....

had dinner at k&m's with my dad, too. it was really good and we even had carrot cake for dessert. :)

around 9, we had to leave and get to the airport to get tim and mom. nothing really eventful, though.

and now, for some insight about me.
when I write things, i am thinking the words as i type them. i may have the whole concept in my head, but i don't actually think the sentence before i write them. this may be common, and it may not. i have no idea cause i've never talked about it with anyone before.
I find it humorous that when i'm writing, the only puntuation that i actually think in my head are commas.
so, for example, if i write the sentence 'I didn't do much today, but i still had fun.' I think in my head 'I didn't do much today comma but i still had fun'
I don't know why I'm writing about this. This must be one of the most boring entries i have ever written.

have been reading over some of my old entries from around 8 months ago. I'm looking for one in particular, but no luck as so far. i actually have no idea where it is in my journal but when i find it, i'll link it or something.

Ah ha! I have found post. Now I will play part two of my dream.
Remember that post I made way back in August 17th?. That was an interesting post.

And then I smile.

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