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ow, my head

i got off work early cause it was so slow, so i decided to go see a movie. the one playing the soonest was 'josie and the pussycats'. so i saw it. now i'm saying 'ow, my head hurts'.

now don't get me wrong. the movie wasn't awful. it was cute and funny and i laughed and enjoyed myself while watching it. but there is one major problem with this movie with will force me to make a negative review for it. the commercial advertising in this movie is what killed it. the movie is seriously like watching commercials for 90 minutes straight. now, i don't mind the occasional commercial and product placement in movies. that's fine, it goes for real life. but this is too much. it was even what made up the majority of the plot. so the movie was so bad that after it was over, my head hurt. i was in physical pain. that's not a good sign at all.

so anyways, i would recommend avoiding this movie at all costs, unless you like getting massive headaches from commercial advertising.

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