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i am up-to-date now

let's see...

i worked until 4. the day wasn't notable except for one customer talking something and she said "my daughter sometimes says 'takes all kinds, i guess'". now, i must say, does that sound like a state fan or what? i nearly died laughing when she said that. the things i find amusing at work.

after work, i took a short nap and had dinner with the fam. then me and my dad left to go look at a car. it was a decent ford escort up north of the u-district. it drove alright, but i held off on buying it cause there was another one i wanted to see on wednesday. this car just wasn't impressive enough to buy right there. oh well.

after looking at the car, we came back to issaquah and stopped buy reggie's parent's place to say hi and also to see the new tv that his dad bought. it's quite S-E-X-X-Y. he is borrowing a bunch of my dvds (i just found out, my dad didn't tell me he lent them out) and i put on american beauty to see the beautiful 50 something inch tv.

now i'm back home but i have to run out quickly to the store for my mom. working tomorrow at 9, get off at 4 and then heading out to seattle to meet my crew for this. need to get money for abbie, too.

well, that brings me up-to-date now. i would have updated earlier, but there is something messed up with my debian box and the internet connection was sort of goofy. must investigate.

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