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today has become an interesting day. nothing i did at my house made it that way, though. all i did here was sit around and watch 'E True Hollywood Stories'. oh the exciting life i have when i'm at home.

but something did happen today that has affected me much more then i would think it would. erin called me today and asked to hang out for a bit. when she picked me up, she told me that her friend died last night. I had met him before and he seemed like a really nice guy. In fact, I remember really clearly the first time I had met him and I was left with a great impression. it's really a sad loss.

As I am writing this, I keep getting lost in thought. Anyways, my heart goes out to everyone that knows him. It's quite a sad thing to lose someone. and when it's a loss because of drugs, it seems like such a waste. I just hope that some good can come of this for other people.

I'm no good at comforting people at all. : /

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