The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time

having arrived at my sister's house, i promptly left to the house of chris and met up with people there. we then headed out to claim jumper (but not before watching chris play Giants, which seems quite cool). there was much chatting and laughing, including catching the waiter have a slip of the touch and say "How many bongs would you like?". all in all, quite hilarious.

after food, we returned to tHoC and watched chris play more Giants. This game seems really cool, so i borrowed it. With this game to play and also Black and White coming out, I think I may have to clear some space for games and hang out in windows for a while again. But first, I need to bring my computer over to my sister's house so i can play on it instead of using her computer. I prefer not installing crazy random software on her computer cause she has gotten cross about that sort of thing before.

shan't stay up much longer, even though i'm not tired. I have to work in the morning at 9 and there is a bit of a drive down to issaquah from kirkland. like 20 minutes or so.

so i guess nite everyone. :)

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