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Poll time!

I went to costco and bought myself the pizza and hot dog meal. heh.

while i was there i decided to look at the dvds to see if there was anything worth spending money on. didn't really see anything, but decided to buy bring it on because i heard from some people that it was good. now, i really want to try out this poll feature on livejournal so I'll poll my faithful readers.

Do you think I waste way too much money on dvds?

You can never have enough DVDs
DVDs are a total waste of money
Buying movies is a great way to contribute to consumerism
Why are you buying movies? Try renting instead, you are only going to watch it once anyways.
Well, buying is ok. But buying crappy cheerleader movies isn't.
This silly poll is a waste of my time! Seriously!
Cowboy Neal

Hehe, that was fun. Well, even though i just ate, my mom is making food for me. oops. oh well.
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